How does this work….?

Working with a Thinking Partner offers the combined approaches of leadership coaching and mentoring and takes place at a time, location and regularity to suit you.  This may be face to face meetings and/or a combination of face to face and telephone interactions, flexibility of design being paramount.

For those who would like to gain greater awareness of how their current leadership skills are perceived by others and to what extent their role is actually fulfilling their own needs and values and is aligned with their own personal (internal and external) motivations, there are a range of assessment tools available to help facilitate that awareness.

These tools can help feedback the current level of leadership engagement and impact they have with their staff, colleagues and clients, and maybe even more importantly, clarify to what extent their current roles are delivering them maximum personal satisfaction and fulfillment and are aligned (or not) with what they want from life: personally and professionally.

Why is awareness of your own personal ‘alignment’ important?

When we find ourselves working in a role that is not fully congruent with ‘who we are’ and ‘what we want’ from life, it undermines our ability to perform optimally and regardless of our stated commitment and intention, can unconsciously sabotage our ability to lead and fulfill that role as successfully as we might like.

This might be working within an organisational culture that is at odds with your own personal values and needs, to working with peers or reporting into ‘VP’s’ or bosses who do not share your leadership vision or style, to simply taking on a role that ‘looked’ right at the time and discovering that it isn’t the ‘fit’ that you thought.

If we are to perform at our best, we need to enjoy the culture, the relationships and share the vision of those with whom we work.  If this is not or no longer the case, maybe your leadership skills would be better suited to another environment, where you feel more in alignment and your energy is fully focused on the engagement and productivity of your staff, vs managing the politics and personal/professional sense of misalignment in your role, that will continually erode your energy levels, personal and professional goodwill, as well as leadership performance.

To perform at your best, it is important you are able to meet your own ‘needs’ and be able to fulfill your own ‘values’ first, otherwise you will not have the necessary energy levels, resilience and focus required for you to do so.

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