Who are you…


A Thinking Partner is for you if…

You care and strive to be the best possible leader for a purpose greater than your own;

You recognise for this to happen, you need to be at ease with and aware of, your own drives and motivations;

You are not afraid to move beyond your personal comfort zones to achieve this;

You recognise there is always another, more effective way waiting to be discovered, within your own capabilities and externally, as an organisational strategy;

It’s important for you to enjoy your role and your achievements;

You recognise for you to work effectively, you need to successfully balance your work and life commitments;

You recognise you are only as good as you enable those who work with you to be;

You recognise the need to consistently hone and develop all your work relationships for improved communication and engagement;

You want to ensure your values are aligned with those of your organisation, for greater work satisfaction and effectiveness;

You value being perceived and recognised as authentic and committed in all levels of your work;

You recognise that communication is an art constantly requiring attention and development;

You see yourself as part of something greater than your own personal achievement and success;

Your focus on short term  organisational success is strongly balanced by your focus on creating a long term leadership legacy.

Thinking Partner is about taking the time to ask yourself the questions about ‘who you need to be’ as a leader, in order to most effectively undertake the strategies leading to organisational success.  It is about making conscious decisions about the behaviours that will enhance your leadership effectiveness and influencing capabilities, to maximise your opportunities for success personally, as well as for your staff and your organisation.

 If it’s important for you to be a leader who performs 30% more effectively as a result of developing your own emotional intelligence and literacy, then Thinking Partner would like to work with you.

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