Why do we need to step up our leadership skills…?

A recent Gallup poll found that employee disengagement is at an all time high, rating between 70 to 80 percent amongst staff.  It also stated that poor managers and “bad bosses” are considered to be the major contributory factor.

Another recent survey, however, shows that 90 percent of executives when asked to rate their leadership abilities, claimed to be in the top 10 percent of performers!

Somewhere, somehow, there appears to be a massive disconnect between reality and perception and one that is actively undermining organisational success.

What makes the difference?  The case for Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Richard Boyatzis, a leadership expert and author of books on developing emotionally intelligent leadership, has been researching leadership competencies for decades.

His research has shown that, regardless of how successful an organisation is perceived to be, 50 percent of managers up to CEO level have abilities that actually detract from adding value to their organisation;  20 to 30 percent are simply treading water – that is, not adding or detracting value.  As a result, this means that between 70 to 80 percent of leaders are not adding any value to their organisations at all.    In other words, you could remove them from their roles and the organisation would actually function more smoothly!

Whilst emotionally incompetent managers have been shown to be a drain on organisational performance, emotionally competent managers and leaders ensure an increased level of staff engagement and leaders are shown to increase their own performance levels by up to 30 percent; a considerable organisational advantage!

As a Thinking Partner, my role is to help those who want to use their leadership abilities to explore and enable the greatest amount of possibilities for themselves, their staff and their organisation, working with them to better understand how their behaviours and leadership styles can be developed and leveraged to enhance their abilities to engage, influence and bring out the best performance in their staff as well as create extraordinary outcomes for the organisation.

If you are a leader who is seeking a better, simpler, more satisfying and effective way to lead others, improve your performance and make a personal, professional and financial difference to your organisational success…whilst personally enjoying the process, Thinking Partner would like to work with you….

If you also care about role modelling excellence in leadership, not only to enhance your ability to create a greater impact right now, but also to leave a legacy to benefit those who follow in your footsteps, then Thinking Partner would like to help you achieve that!

As Stephen Covey said…..

What you do has far greater impact than what you say..


‘Who you are’, determines the decisions and the actions that you take…..

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